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Gemstones: it's what we're known for. Beads made from gemstones have been valued throughout the history of civilization as personal adornment, currency, clothing embellishment and more.


Whenever you need gemstones, you’ll find them at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. Throughout human history, gemstones of all kinds have been a prized commodity. Over the centuries, they’ve been used for healing, as currency, for scientific experiments and even to power electronics. For most, gemstones are a form of personal adornment that brightens your look and mood.

Best Gemstones and Accessories

We offer thousands of semi-precious stones for use in jewelry and home décor. Since 1973, our staff has worked with designers and artists to help them find the right stones. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads can also sell directly to suppliers. Browse our jewelry gemstones today and see what beauty awaits.

From rough gemstones to pre-carved gemstones, cabochon centerpieces to beads and embellishments, we have a beautiful stone for your needs. There are gemstones in the shape of pendants, focals, points, fans, donuts and even animal gem beads. Order gemstone sets to stock up or let us do the designing for you with finished gemstone jewelry. They’re shaped from many popular stones, including turquoise, quartz, lava and magnesite, to name a few.

If you’re new to gemstones, we have the resources you need to learn all about them. A gemstone identification chart is a great overview of the most common stones. We also have gemstone books that go in-depth about their history and power. They’re a great gift to a gem enthusiast, and we offer bulk pricing to order for design studios, jewelry stores or schools. Contact us to learn more about our gemstone selection or place an order.